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Roxy Hawaii: Jam sessions & back country road trippin' in Honolulu with Ford Fiesta! Episode 5

Watch the final episode of the Roxy Hawaii #FiestaMovement series!!

Goodbyes are always the hardest (we?re really not very good at them), so in the last episode of the Ford Hawaii series, it only makes sense to take the long road with Kelia Moniz, Bruna Schmitz, and Kassia Meador on a scenic drive across the island and down into Honolulu in their Ford Fiesta. First stop in Honolulu, a little jam session with Ukelele maestro Jake Shumabukuro at a local recording studio, Island Sounds Studio. Next up, a car ride filled with island trippin?, picture flippin?, and reminiscing on the past 5 days in Oahu. What were your favorite parts of the Roxy Hawaii series? The athletes have theirs?Sandy?s Beach, coconut ice cream, shark cages, canoe racing, Waikiki views, Pineapple field rally races, and the list goes on? Join the #FiestaMovement Watch the final episode of the Roxy Hawaii #FiestaMovement series!!